How to Make an Origami Wolf

How to Make an Origami WolfHere is a decent origami wolf design for ya. Sure it's not the most detailed wolf around, but it's actually not bad looking. And pretty fun to make as well, this can be your warm up for the origami dragon!

If anyone has a better origami wolf let me know, I'll add it to the site. Email me at

What you will need: one sheet of square paper, the best way to do it is get some of the real origami paper, it comes square!

Alright, so you've got your square sheet of paper(pic 1). Start by folding it in half from corner to corner(pic 2). Now fold it in half again(pic 3). Now you will unfold that last fold you made, leaving you with a crease, see picture 4.How to Make an Origami Wolf

Now fold that top right corner down to the bottom point, follow the center crease(see pic 5). Next you will do the same thing to the left side making it look like picture 6. Now flip the whole thing over(pic 7). Fold the left corner over to the right(see the arrow in pic 7), It will now look like picture 8.
How to Make an Origami Wolf

Turn your design so it looks like picture 9. Now fold the left corner over to the right a little bit (it doesn't really matter how far you fold it, fold it farther to the right for a bigger tail, or less for a small tail). Now fold the right side over to the left, see picture 11. Then grab the top half of that last fold and unfold it back to the right. It should look like picture 12. See how there is now some of the fold on the left and some on the right, and a new area in the middle?
How to mAke an Origami Wolf

Now fold that middle piece down to make his nose, and there you have it! Stand it up and show it off, or shoot it... either way.
How to Make an Origami Wolf

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