Origami Swords

Origami SwordsThis is a simple diagram on making origami swords. It might not be the coolest looking sword around, but I looked around on the web, and found that there are no instructions on how to make a decent origami sword. So I decided I would craft my own model based on the origami gun design.

If anyone has a better sword model, feel free to email me at info@origamihowto.com and I will upload it.

What you will need: Five sheets of regular printer paper.

This model is based on the origami gun model, so start by following the gun steps and make two of them(picture 1). Flip one gun over and insert it through the other gun(just like picture 2), both of the long ends of the guns are touching back to back. Pull it through until they match up evenly, see picture 3. Now grab a fresh piece of paper and follow the origami guns steps 1-6. Insert this new piece of paper into the bottom of the other two, see picture 4.
Origami Swords

You will now have a pretty basic sword, feel free to cut the tip of the sword to make it more... swords like.
Origami Swords
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