Tulip Origami

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Folding the Stem: Start with a square sheet of paper, I used regular white paper for the tutorial, but it will look a lot better with green origami paper. Now, fold the left corner over towards the right, it's ok to overlap the center line a little. Next you will fold the right corner to the left, again overlapping the center a little(see picture 12).
Free Tulip Origami

Fold the right corner to the left, it should look like picture 13. Now fold the left corner to the right, over lapping your last fold by a little(pic 14). Grab the small end of the diamond(the right side in picture 14) and fold it up. Make sure not to fold it up all the way to the other point, see picture 15, one point is below the other. Now fold it in half(pic 16).
Free Tulip Origami

Pull the inside flap outwards and fold it there(picture 17). Take that same flap and push downwards on it from the top(picture 18). You should now have something close to picture 19. Put some glue on the stand you just made(super glue works best). Now grab your pedal and place it on the stand, the flat spot we made on the bottom of the pedals should make it easy to balance the flower.
Free Tulip Origami

There you go, now go crazy with 'em. Decorate your table with them or something.

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