Origami Patterns For Kids

Origami Patterns For KidsKids like paper folding too, maybe more than we do... This tutorial will show you how to make a basic dog face, this is a great activity for you to do with your kids! So grab a sheet of paper and lets begin.

What you will need:
A square sheet of paper and a marker.

Alrighty, got a square sheet of paper, now fold it from corner to corner(pic 2). Now look at picture two, fold the bottom right to the bottom left(looks like pic 3 on left). Now unfold that last fold, this is just to give us a center line. You should have something like picture 3 on the right, now fold down the corners at an angle(picture 4).
Origami Patterns For Kids

Now flip over, then fold the top and bottom corers inwards(pic 6). Fold the top and bottom corners in again, like pictures 7 and 8. That step was so it will balance.
Origami Patterns For Kids

Flip it back over, pull out a sharpie or smelly marker or... paint! Get creative, draw a sweet dog face on there. There you have it, have fun!
Origami Patterns For Kids
Origami Treasure Chest by Keiji Kitamura (1991, Paperback)

Origami Treasure Chest by Keiji Kitamura (1991,  Paperback)

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