Paper Weapons

Origami How to Make Paper WeaponsThis is a simple tutorial on how to make an origami Shuriken, or ninja star. These are fairly easy to make, and actually work and look realistic! Throw 'em around the house and annoy your sister, just try not to break your moms favorite vase...

What you will need: Two square sheets of paper.

Okay lets get started, grab the first square sheet of paper and fold it from side to side(pics 1 & 2). Now open it back up(pic 3) and fold each side inward using the crease as a guideline, it should look like picture 4.
How to Make Paper Weapons

Now fold it in half, looking like picture 5. Grab the top corner and fold it down to the left so it looks like picture 6(on your second sheet of paper you will go the opposite direction). Grab the right side and fold it down(picture 7). Now flip it over(pic 8).
How to Make Paper Weapons

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