How to Make Origami Guns

Origami guns, great for when you're bored, or maybe you just don't want to spend any money. Whatever the case may be, you've come to the right place. This tutorial will teach you how to make origami guns, they even have a working slide!

What you will need: Two sheets of paper, regular printer paper is fine, no need to make them into squares.

Now, lets begin. Start with the long side of the paper facing you(pic 1), now fold it in half(the direction the arrow points in pic 1). It will now look like picture 2, now fold in half again. It will now look like picture 3, fold in half again and you will have picture 4.
How to Make Origami Guns

This is going to seem a bit repetitive; repeat steps 1-4 with your second sheet, you should have something like picture 5. Grab one of the sheets(either one) and fold it in half(see pic 6). Now grab the folded end and fold it downwards, see picture 7. Now unfold that last fold(pic 8), the point of that was to give you lines so you'll know where to make the next fold. Fold both of the sides in, see picture 8.
How to Make Origami Guns

Now simply fold it in half, see picture 9. Now you will need to grab your other sheet of paper, make sure it is folded in half(just like in picture 6). Slip one end through the other sheet of paper(see pic 10, the second sheet is going underneath the first sheet.) Now take the other side of the second sheet and slide it through the other side of sheet 1(see pic 11, it looks like that on both sides). Slide the sheet all the way through, see pic 12.
How to Make Origami Guns

Adjust the first sheet by pulling the slack through that second sheet(it'll look like pic 13), don't pull it too tight or the slide won't work. Pictures 14 through 16 show how the slide should go back and forth, like the cocking motion on a gun. Pretty sweet, huh?
How to Make Origami Guns
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